Sephora Make-up Partner Festival di Sanremo 2023

From Feb. 7-11, Sephora will light up Sanremo with beauty with its exclusive brand partners, Sephora Collection, Fenty Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Rare Beauty. Discover 5 unique make-up looks inspired by the iconic looks that have stood out in past decades on Italy's most important musical stage.

Matteo Berrettini

It was an incredible day shooting action with Matteo Berrettini, the rising Italian tennis star. The energy on the court was electric, as he unleashed his powerful serves and executed his signature backhand shots flawlessly. We captured some amazing moments, as Matteo's intensity and focus never wavered.

Rose Villain prod. Young Miles – Red Bull 64 Bars

Marracash once said that the Red Bull 64 Bars is "a display of muscle to the nth degree." So it seems that Rose Villain and Miles have taken the definition literally: their new Red Bull 64 Bars episode is a concentration of technique, power, and adrenaline. Not for nothing is it titled Iron Maiden.

Kask Piuma R Vibes

The day shooting the new Kask ski helmet was full of excitement and adrenaline. We hit the slopes early in the morning to capture the sleek design and vibrant colors of the helmet against the snowy backdrop. With top-of-the-line safety features and comfortable padding, the Kask helmet proved to be a reliable and stylish choice for skiers of all levels. Overall, it was a successful shoot that showcased the innovation and quality that Kask is known for.

Claudia Pagnini

Claudia Pagnini has officially joined the Red Bull family. After winning the wakeboard world championships this is another great milestone because as she said: "Every time a person enters the water and has a Red Bull helmet everyone looks at him and knows they can count on that athlete because he is strong." But she sees in this "milestone" more a starting point than an arrival one.

Alex Vinatzer

An early ski day spent with Alex Vinatzer on the Senales Glacier to update the archive now that he got his helmet branded. What a great achievement! The brand expects a lot from him and the winter season is coming!

Vespa GTS Super

The day shooting the new models of Vespa was a blast! The iconic scooter brand never fails to impress with its unique designs and timeless style. I captured the sleek lines and vibrant colors of the new models against the picturesque backdrop of the city, showcasing the versatility and convenience of these scooters in urban environments. Riding the Vespa was a true pleasure, as it provided a smooth and comfortable ride while effortlessly navigating through the streets.

Claudio Descalzi – Forbs Africa

Shooting with Eni's CEO Claudio Descalzi for the cover of Forbes Africa was an unforgettable experience. His charisma and leadership were evident from the moment he arrived on set, and we were able to capture his confidence and approachability in every shot. Overall, it was an honor to work with such a prominent figure, and I am excited to see the final result on the cover of Forbes Africa.

Kylian Mbappè – Oakley One Sight

Along with OneSight Oakley is helping the world see more and be more. Combining the power of sport with sight in order to change lives. Thanks Kylian Mbappé for joining the project and to inspire so many young boys.

Red Bull Wake The City ’22 – Teaser

The day shooting the teaser for the Red Bull Wake The City with Massimiliano Piffaretti was action-packed and thrilling. We captured Massi's incredible wakeboarding skills as he surfed the Navigli and performed jaw-dropping stunts. The energy and excitement on set were contagious, as Piffaretti's passion for the sport was evident in every move he made. The challenge of shooting on water added an extra layer of complexity, but we were able to capture some amazing shots from both land and water.

Oakley Youth

Oakley youth campaign has been shot with 8 different children in one day. I always thought that shooting with important athletes or sports stars was hard. But also managing some little boys was an incredible effort, however their spontaneity and brightness was definitely priceless.

Scuderia Stile su Ruote

A day of shooting for the launch of new apparel of the Scuderia Stile su Ruote founded by the former mountain bike world champion Marco Aurelio Fontana. The project is made up by people who see style and its culture among the most beautiful things related to biking. The sharing of it, the adventure, the speed and all the forms of handlebars and wheels it can have. Also guided by elegance they try to bring you messages and smiles.

Matteo Berrettini

Intense media day with Matteo Berrettini in Milan, at the Red Bull Italy HQ. This was my second shooting with him, it was really nice to meet him again and get the chance to have a super fast studio session with this young tennis star.

Jorge Lorenzo – Q8 Hi Perform new Driver

New season, new driver: the Q8 Hi Perform team, after the victory obtained last season, is preparing to take to the track with Jorge Lorenzo. The Spaniard, former leading MotoGP rider and 5-time world champion, will be the Official Driver of the team in the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2022.

AT03 Unveiling – Scuderia Alpha Tauri

The behind-the-scenes shoot for the unveiling of the new Alpha Tauri race car was a fascinating experience. While the car was not physically present on set, we were able to capture the excitement and energy of the team as they worked to create a stunning digital rendering of the car. The attention to detail and meticulous process of creating the virtual car was impressive, and we were able to capture some great shots of the team in action. Overall, it was an exciting shoot that showcased the incredible skill and innovation of the Alpha Tauri team.

Zaino da sci alpinismo Corno alle Scale

The Corno alle Scale line consists of a range of backpacks and bags that Piquadro has created in collaboration with the technicians and athletes of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, to ensure the maximum possible performance. Whether you chase speed, love to ski or your passion is trail running, equipped with functional accessories for different disciplines.

“The Night Before”

It’s called "The Night Before" and is the new format by Red Bull in which the winter athletes tell the emotions, sensations and adrenaline before an event that has changed their lives forever. The protagonists of the various episodes lay bare, telling not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses. Because it is impossible to predict how and when each person’s life will change, especially for an athlete.

Simone Barlaam

He is one of the easiest a genuine guys I have ever known and the greatest examples of how to make your own fragility your strength. Simone began Paralympic swimming when he was fifteen years old and won his first medals at the 2017 World Para Swimming Championships in Mexico City. He won 4 medals at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo and established some new paralympic world records!

Markus Eder – The Ultimate Run Premiere

"The Ultimate Run" is an incredible 10-minute descent that starts in Zermatt, Switzerland, to reach the valley below. The South Tyrolean whizzes on snow-covered trails, through ice caves, castles and steep slopes all the way. The documentary was made, for over 2 years, directed by former professional snowboarder Christoph Thorensen.

Yuki Tsunoda

On the occasion of the setting up of the new Alpha Tauri pop-up at the Rinascente store in Milan, the young F1 rookie Yuki Tsunoda was invited for an afternoon of "shopping". Yuki visited the store, where he was able to take a look at the latest models of the new collection and choose the ones he liked the most.

Acerbis – Off Road Collection ’22

New challenge ahead. The new off road collection from Acerbis is here! I have been asked to shoot all the statics images for the new catalogue and for digital purposes. The collection is large and is not so easy to find so many different angles in order not to be monotonous.

Aprilia Tuareg 660 – Delivering adventure since 1985.

In a sector slave to the compromises of indoor-off-road driving, Tuareg 660 traces a new path: reference performance in every condition and equipment from authentic adventure. It is the magic of the Aprilia 660 platform: light, intelligent, complete and tremendously effective. Redesigned to give you maximum control in driving on asphalt and dirt, sitting or standing, thanks to distinctive technical choices put at the service of your desire to explore.

Aaron Durogati – Santa Rosalia in Mondello

On July 15, on the occasion of the feast of the patron saint of the city of Palermo, Aaron Durogati performed an acrobatic flight landing in the famous beach of Mondello and marking the beginning of the festivities. During this recurrence, it is customary to drop countless rose petals from the sky; and as well as a graceful petal, the paraglider athlete glided over the city while the incredulous people looked up to the sky.

Airton Cozzolino – Hero hits your spot

Red Bull Hero Hits Your Spot will stop in 4 locations around Italy and will bring with it an exceptional guest: Airton Cozzolino, world champion of the discipline. The hero of kitesurfing will be available to participants for training sessions, also in the water, in addition to technicians ready to offer useful tips to better prepare for the discipline.

Red Bull Wake The City Teaser

The Darsena in Milan will be transformed into a real wakeboard arena, where the best riders in the world will compete in a unique format of its kind: the athletes will compete in couple. They will therefore have to make sure not only to perform the tricks perfectly, but also to move in sync with their teammate, an extra twist that will make the special race even more unique and unmissable.

Giulia Ghiretti – Parmigiano Reggiano

When someone ask me about Paralympic athletes, I always love to say that the first impression you get when you’re faced with a person with a disability is this feeling of fragility. But it only takes five minutes and an exchange of lines to realize that if there is a fragile person in the room, well that’s you!

Nico Mannion – Parmigiano Reggiano

After his NBA debut at a very young age, he returned to Italy to gain experience. He signed with Parmigiano Reggiano a contract as an ambassador, and I have been asked to take some photos that portrayed him in the sports field. As always, I tried to make the most out of the situation and find a different point of view from the usual one. Here are some of my favorite shots: one made by combining several shots in a single final to give the idea of movement; the other by synchronizing the flashes on the second curtain and creating light painting.

“Ciao Palermo, Monza is calling!”

“Ciao Palermo, Monza is calling” is a tribute to Italy, and in particular to the city of Palermo. But it is also a special way to celebrate the next Sunday Monza Grand Prix. In the video, the F1 single-seater RB7 driven by Max Verstappen crosses the Sicilian capital, touching the most representative and iconic places of the city in an unusual and suggestive four-wheeled ride, really unique in its kind.

Scalo Milano – Institutional portraits

Scalo Milano is the outlet just 15 minutes from the center of Milan that brings together 3 areas of Design, Fashion and Food. A place created for a dynamic and contemporary shopping style, which loves contamination and rapidly evolves between unmissable opportunities and new proposals. I was commissioned to take institutional portraits of the new CEO and of the President of the owner company.

Ambra Sabatini

Ambra was one of the first Paralympic athletes I happened to photograph. The first impression you get when you’re faced with a person with such a disability is this feeling of fragility. But it only takes five minutes and an exchange of lines to realize that if there is a fragile person, well that’s you! These guys are to be admired, they have an incredible fortitude and should be an example for everyone.

Clemente Russo

Penetron Italia and Penetron International have chosen the new Ambassador: Clemente Russo will represent the corporate values. A partnership born from a natural affinity with the boxer: resilience, strength, resistance, the size of the maximum weight, impermeability to external agents, a perfect match between the athlete and the company keywords.

Caterina Bosetti – Parmigiano Reggiano

The testimonial has always played a key role in the communication of a brand. Its role is to transfer its positive characteristics directly to the product, a transfer of value and credibility that has the power to convince and sometimes to change the opinion of the final user. The character becomes the "guarantor" of the brand value.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

“I'm Gigio Donnarumma and my goal has always been to become the number one of the numbers one”. Thus begins the story of the rise of one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, author of the two decisive saves made in penalties against England in the final of Euro 2020, which allowed him to obtain the prestigious title of Player of the Tournament.

Aprilia Tuono V4

The style of the Tuono V4 is completely new and inspired by that introduced by the RS 660. New Aprilia Tuono V4, a bike that adopts the characteristics of a road sports bike that also looks at longer distances. The "Factory" is confirmed in its nature as a machine that produces adrenaline, strong sensations and pure fun.

PISKV – Red Bull Half Court

Red Bull Half Court is a unique 3on3 basketball streetball tournament that will tip off in more than 20 countries across the world. The 2021 season has been given a colourful launch this year with five streetball icons revealing how their personal dream court would look like and renowned Italian street artist PISKV interpreting their vision.

Giorgia Villa – Parmigiano Reggiano

The testimonial has always played a key role in the communication of a brand. Its role is to transfer its positive characteristics directly to the product, a transfer of value and credibility that has the power to convince and sometimes to change the opinion of the final user. The character becomes the "guarantor" of the brand value.

Magdalena Stysiak

Still just at the very start of her career, Magda is already seen as a pillar of Poland’s national team and is fully embracing her role. She says: “I like feeling the weight of responsibility. I like it when a lot depends on me. The more, the better I play.” With that excellent attitude, it seems inevitable that she’ll achieve great things both with her club and country.

Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti

Since Reynor is a very young athlete and in the middle of growth age, every year I meet him I notice radical changes. It is precisely for this reason that even his sponsors need to periodically renew the repertoire of his images that they have available. In this shooting, in a slot of a couple of hours, the goal was to obtain new portraits of Riccardo and some more lifestyle shots.

Gabriele “Gabbo” Gaiba

Also in this case priority was given to the creation of a presentation video of the new athlete and consequently the time for pictures was very little. To get ready for the shooting and be as fast as possible on location, I conceived and drew all the shots I wanted to take, studying all the light schemes.

Diadora – Mythos Volo Adv Campaign

Following the shooting organized to promote the new Diadora Mythos Volo, this shot was selected to create some advs on the back cover of the main Italian national newspapers: La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica.

Diadora – Mythos Volo

Here are the Diadora Mythos Volo, a model created to run on asphalt and aimed at neutral runners who will offer you excellent cushioning, fabulous reactivity and exceptional stability, characteristics that undoubtedly make this shoe one of the most interesting models.

Matteo Berrettini

It was the first time I met Matteo, but we immediately got in tune. Probably because of the very similar age but also for the fact that he is a very easy guy, down to earth, head on his shoulders and desire to do. The shooting day was actually organized to shoot some video contents for a campaign focused on him. My task was to "steal" as much as possible without affecting the work of the filming crew and to slot myself into any dead moments.

Moto Guzzi V7 – Special & Stone

The new Moto Guzzi V7 is a revolution, new engine and new aesthetics. Launched in two versions: the Special, for the lovers of the past, and the Stone for a more modern and aggressive mood. The best seller gains cubic capacity with the V85TT twin cylinder. An important leap that goes beyond performance and that gives the "small" Guzzi House brand new ambitions.

Andrea Dovizioso – We Love Motorsport

He shouldn't need any particular introduction, but for those who don't know him, Andrea is one of the greatest MotoGp riders of recent years. Very close to last year's championship victory, he continues to be one of the favorites among the contenders for the title. He is in his eighth year with Ducati, but this year the renewal has not arrived and there are already rumors of his possible future on four wheels.

Olimpia Milano

Red Bull enters Italian basketball by signing a partnership with the A | X Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano. The 'Milanese' team, founded in 1936, is currently the only Italian club to participate in the EuroLeague, the highest European competition, and also the most successful: it has 28 Italian titles, 6 Italian Cups, 3 European titles, 3 Cups Cups , 2 Korac Cups, one Intercontinental Cup and 4 Super Cups, as well as 22 youth league titles.

Marco Porcaro – Institutional portraits

Marco Porcaro is the CEO of Cortilia, the first online agricultural market to put consumers in contact with farmers, breeders and artisanal producers, to do the shopping as in the countryside. I was recently committed to shoot some institutional portraits of him. The brief was to create shots that were able to convey the professionalism and the brightness of the CEO in combination with the values of the brand: naturalness and authenticity.

Larissa Iapichino – Arena Civica, Milan

Incredible shooting day spent once again with the very young Larissa Iapichino. To date, unfortunately, athletics is still a sport that does not have great media coverage. With the intention of bringing the public closer to the discipline of long jump, Red Bull has decided to document the complexity of this sport in every step, and with the help of Larissa analyzed the technicalities of a jump in all its facets.

Leonardo Fioravanti – WakeParadise, Milan

After a long period away from Italy Leo is back for a surfing session at the Wakeparadise of the Idroscalo in Milan. The champion of the Red Bull team tested the artificial static wave of the sports center. With him also the Red Bull wakeboard world champion Massimiliano Piffaretti who, after the static wave, tried his hand at a double in his discipline with Leo. In the pool with them also another big name in surfing: Roberto d'Amico.

Aprilia RS660 – A new era begins

The future respects the tradition of the Noale brand which has always stood out for its character and innovation. Sporty personality and surprising contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings Aprilia's experience of a leader on the track, to the road. The unique design shapes a light and compact motorcycle, with agile and sleek volumes, stable at high speeds, fun and pleasant to ride.

Massimiliano Piffaretti – Drive Me Crazy 2

S2 E6: The two talents challenged each other in a timed course: Massi completed it surfing between tricks and amazing athletic gestures; while Irene darting along the shores of Lugano lake driving a Lamborghini. The roles have been reversed at the end of the challenge to make it a little more exciting! The following shooting days have been spent on track, where Irene challenged Piffa in a discipline that was more in her wheelhouse.

Larissa Iapichino

My first shooting after the lockdown was with the incredible Larissa Iapichino. A super young and genuine athlete that is following in her mother’s footsteps with all the pressures that come with it. She is only 18 but she is already considered one of the great promises of Italian athletics, and since she was a child, sport has been in her destiny.


Fiocchi is a world-leading company, founded in 1876 and now in its fifth generation, it is one of the world's leading companies in the production and marketing of small caliber ammunition in plastic and metal with a premium positioning and mainly for sports and leisure use, in particular in sectors that include all precision shooting competitions, hunting and, to a lesser extent, public and private security.

Social distancing

Special project based on an original idea of Alessio Albi during the Covid-19 quarantine period. Me and some friends quarantined, separated by hundreds of km, just shot spontaneously trough the laptop/smartphone webcam. Social distancing doesn’t mean stopping creating. We are lucky to live in an era that offers all the resources needed. Stay in. We’re in this together.


It is during this quarantine period that I conceived and implemented this personal project. After a few months without taking pictures, I felt the need to shoot again and I asked my sister to pose for some portraits. With my mother's help and a little creativity, I created a game of light and shadow on my sister's face, using any household object that could produce a texture.

Alpha Tauri – New F1 livery unveiling

A partially identified flying object revealed itself in Piazza Duomo in Milan last night. The unmistakable profile suggested that an F1 car was hiding under the covers. Responsible for the single-seater is Alpha Tauri, a fashion brand linked to the Red Bull universe that from the 2020 season will also give its name to the former Toro Rosso team.

Scott – Off-road and Enduro

Shooting of the new off-road and enduro catalaog for Scott, one of the world's leading company in the motorsports, wintersports, bike and running sector. I was in charge of shooting both action and static pictures for the catalog and all the digital propose of the brand.

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