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Sephora Make-up Partner Festival di Sanremo 2023

From Feb. 7-11, Sephora will light up Sanremo with beauty with its exclusive brand partners, Sephora Collection, Fenty Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Rare Beauty. Discover 5 unique make-up looks inspired by the iconic looks that have stood out in past decades on Italy's most important musical stage.

Matteo Berrettini

It was an incredible day shooting action with Matteo Berrettini, the rising Italian tennis star. The energy on the court was electric, as he unleashed his powerful serves and executed his signature backhand shots flawlessly. We captured some amazing moments, as Matteo's intensity and focus never wavered.

Rose Villain prod. Young Miles – Red Bull 64 Bars

Marracash once said that the Red Bull 64 Bars is "a display of muscle to the nth degree." So it seems that Rose Villain and Miles have taken the definition literally: their new Red Bull 64 Bars episode is a concentration of technique, power, and adrenaline. Not for nothing is it titled Iron Maiden.

Kask Piuma R Vibes

The day shooting the new Kask ski helmet was full of excitement and adrenaline. We hit the slopes early in the morning to capture the sleek design and vibrant colors of the helmet against the snowy backdrop. With top-of-the-line safety features and comfortable padding, the Kask helmet proved to be a reliable and stylish choice for skiers of all levels. Overall, it was a successful shoot that showcased the innovation and quality that Kask is known for.

Claudia Pagnini

Claudia Pagnini has officially joined the Red Bull family. After winning the wakeboard world championships this is another great milestone because as she said: "Every time a person enters the water and has a Red Bull helmet everyone looks at him and knows they can count on that athlete because he is strong." But she sees in this "milestone" more a starting point than an arrival one.

Alex Vinatzer

An early ski day spent with Alex Vinatzer on the Senales Glacier to update the archive now that he got his helmet branded. What a great achievement! The brand expects a lot from him and the winter season is coming!

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