Gabriele Seghizzi, Action & Sports Photographer

Gabriele Seghizzi

Action & Sports Photographer

Biography It all starts with a blank canvas. Whether you create with a brush, your voice, your eyes, your mind, we all start at the same place, with an IDEA.
Ideas can be played out in your mind from start to finish, you can poke holes in them, you can change them. But at some point you need to take those ideas, no metter how raw they actually are, and put pen to paper. Because once you start to create, the world around you fades away and all that matters, right here, right now, is your art.

So what are you waiting for? Let's create together!

Dynamic, creative and outgoing, in constant need to wonder and observe. Outside the box way of thinking mixed with a pinch of madness. That's me!
I've never been very good with words, and maybe that's why I try to convey my emotion by taking pictures.
That magical moment when the eye, light, composition, and technical skills merge in a split second to create an extraordinary photograph is what inspires me. I always believe my next image will be my best.
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Gabriele Seghizzi