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Product: Diadora Mythos Volo
Sport: Running – Acrobatic Flight
Client: Diadora
Location: Aerogravity – Milan, Italy

Here are the Diadora Mythos Volo, a model created to run on asphalt and aimed at neutral runners who will offer you excellent cushioning, fabulous reactivity and exceptional stability, characteristics that undoubtedly make this shoe one of the most interesting models.


Oh what, you’re surprised to see a Diadora shoe that isn’t your soccer cleat from middle school? Forget about your failed futbol career, because 1) nobody cares that coach didn’t put you in, and 2) ‘cause Diadora is bringing the heat to the run.

Though they’ve been quietly building their running segment over the last few years, it’s safe to say that they were throwing down some low face cards while holding an ace up their sleeve.

The Italian design is undeniable. Unobtrusive overlays with popping color schemes blended seamlessly with the made-in-Milan feel of the diamond-patterned air mesh upper. Slap on a big, bold, and reflective Diadora logo.


On the run? It works. It will not revolutionize running, but it performs quite all right as an everyday running shoe. The step-in comfort is top-notch, especially the upper. An Ortholite insole on top of the Blushield layer creates a soft touch, but not too soft. Outsole grip is really good, no issues there. I had no issues with the weight, as it falls in line with most daily trainers out there. It felt good on easy runs and you can pick it up if you need to.


The tongue situation needs to be figured out. The actual plushness is fine, but it has too much extra material where it meets in the vamp. If you don’t get it right, it can fold back in on itself which is obviously annoying. It also had a tendency to slide a bit. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it was a minor annoyance.
Despite the stack height, the shoe runs fairly firm after you get some miles in it and the insole compresses.

© review by Robbe Reddinger


The shooting has been divided into two parts. The first one was an outdoor session where we were shooting some “classic” action shots. The idea was to frame the models cutting their faces, focusing on the shoes, to make them not recognizable and let the consumer identify with them.

The second part was the fun and creative one. Since this new Diadora shoe model is called “volo”, the session took place at the Aerogravity in Milan, a special location where professional sky divers train their stunts.

Indeed after we set the mood with a particular lighting, two athletes performed some aerial evolutions while wearing the shoes, conveying that idea of lightness!



Director: Christian Cinetto
DoP: Luigi Tadiotto
Athletes: Laurie Lubbe & Luca Giovannini
Ronin operator: Andrea Corato
Editing: Francesco Thilo Sili
Music editor: Giacomo Lamparelli
Prop master Marta Ridolfi

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