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Event: Alpha Tauri new F1 livery unveiling
Client: Scuderia Alpha Tauri
Location: La Rinascente, Milan, Italy


A partially identified flying object revealed itself in Piazza Duomo in Milan last night. The unmistakable profile suggested that an F1 car was hiding under the covers.
A thorough investigation of the most curious has allowed us to discover something more about this unexpected sighting.


Responsible for the single-seater is Alpha Tauri, a fashion brand linked to the Red Bull universe that from the 2020 season will also give its name to the former Toro Rosso team.
On the occasion of this special event was also planned the unveiling of the new livery of the car, which had been kept secret until now.
At the same time as the official unveiling, which took place in Austria at the famous Hangar 7, an alternative unveiling was organized in Italy.
Music and light projections complete with count down obviously did not delay the crowd of onlookers, who attended the unwrapping by calling friends and posting photos on social media.


Although it is not the first time that an F1 car has been exhibited as a trophy or as a manifesto of the technological avant-garde of a team, this initiative in full Red Bull style is undoubtedly unique.
For days the charm of the most modern design stood out against the Milan sky in one of the most historical and representative contexts of the city.

The car remained on display for the whole of the following week, highlighting the installation of the new Alpha Tauri pop-ups (the eponymous clothing brand) set up in the main windows of the Rinascente store.

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Gabriele Seghizzi