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Athlete: Ambra Sabatini
Sport: Paralympic Runner
Client: DMTC
Location: Grosseto, Italy


Ambra was one of the first Paralympic athletes I happened to photograph. The first impression you get when you’re faced with a person with such a disability is this feeling of fragility. But it only takes five minutes and an exchange of lines to realize that if there is a fragile person, well that’s you!
These guys are to be admired, they have an incredible fortitude and should be an example for everyone.

Ambra had a motorcycle accident with her father when she was only 17 years old, as a result of which she lost her left leg. After the rehabilitation she immediately tried her hand at swimming and cycling, as she did not initially have a running prosthesis: the latter, arrived in 2020, allowing her to return to compete in athletics, first at the Italian Paralympic Championships with excellent results, up to the Grand Prix in Dubai where she raced the 100 meters recording the new Paralympic world record, valid for the qualification to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.
During the latter, at his first participation she won the gold medal as well as improving her world record.


The aim of the shooting was to produce content for an editorial plan linked to her social channels. Then we organized the day in this way: in the morning we took action photos and contextualized pictures in the training area; in the afternoon we moved between a couple of locations to make a bit more lifestyle contents.
To differentiate as much as possible and obtain a greater amount of usable material, we worked into two different training tracks and Ambra brought with her some outfit change.
In the first phase of shooting we also included the production of “branded” content for some of her sponsors, some in action and some other more lifestyle with focus on products.

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