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Portraits: Adele Lonati, Davide Lardera
Client: Scalo Milano – Locate District S.p.a
Location: Milan, Italy


Davide Lardera, as CEO of Scalo Milano, is responsible for the development and growth strategy of the outlet and for strengthening the commercial offer, taking into consideration the maturity of the project, market trends and the needs of brands and consumers.

Davide Lardera comes from a twenty-year career in the real estate sector, which has seen him engaged in all phases of acquisition, brokerage and management of properties for both Italian and international clients, perfecting his negotiation skills on important and complex deals over time. . In particular, in his career he has had the opportunity to support and provide consulting services to major national and global brands, including Samsung, Simply Auchan, Invesco and Giada.


Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, Adele Lonati is not only the president of Scalo Milano, an outlet on the outskirts of the metropolis, but also the commercial director of the Santoni company, CEO of Lonati Immobiliare and vice president of the Adele and Cav foundation. Francesco Lonati, the family group in fact extends into various sectors, starting from the textile machinery, the heart of the group from which everything originates, reaching high schools for professional training. The only woman in a family of men, she was able to gain a leading role in the family business.

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