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Athlete: Caterina Bosetti
Sport: Volleyball
Client: Parmigiano Reggiano
Location: Novara, Italy


The testimonial has always played a key role in the communication of a brand. Its role is to transfer its positive characteristics directly to the product, a transfer of value and credibility that has the power to convince and sometimes to change the opinion of the final user. The character becomes the “guarantor” of the brand value.

I have been commissioned to take shots of the new Parmigiano Reggiano ambassador, Caterina Bosetti, with some of their products.
The goal was to produce three types of contents.
First we had to shot some portraits, posed and contextualized with some of the ‘tools’ that the athlete uses daily in her discipline.
The second type were shots in which some of the products brought by Parmigiano Reggiano were inserted and attempts were made to reproduce pre and post sport consumption opportunities.
While the third and last kind of shots were real action photos, as if I had to document a typical workout of her.

For reasons of personal interest and aesthetic taste I have decided to omit the shots with Parmigiano’s products here and show you just portraits and action shots.


As always, I prefer to start the shooting session with some portraits, in order to put the athlete at ease, get to know each other and be able to collaborate in the best possible way. Caterina immediately proved to be quite a shy girl but at the same time very helpful.
So after a few posed portraits of her I showed her pictures of her and looking at them together I was able to understand which was the right direction to continue.

I always like to experiment and involve athletes in the realization of my shots, that’s why I decided to take one last photo that portrayed her in front of the field and in which we drew abstract shapes with bright LEDs that recalled the colors of her team.
This shot is a composition of 3 different photos, taken at long exposure with the same frame on a tripod and merged later in post-production.

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