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Athlete: Gianluigi Donnarumma
Sport: Football
Client: Red Bull
Location: Milano, Italy


“I’m Gigio Donnarumma and my goal has always been to become the number one of the numbers one”. Thus begins the story of the rise of one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, author of the two decisive saves made in penalties against England in the final of Euro 2020, which allowed him to obtain the prestigious title of Player of the Tournament.

Donnarumma, born in 1999, already looks like a veteran and his great presence in the middle of the posts makes him the leader of the team on the field.
Even though he often finds himself the youngest, he says he manages the many pressures that each encounter puts in front of him without ever being afraid, always keeping the calm of those who have already faced hundreds of battles.

It was while he talks about how he grew up with the posters of Buffon and Dida hanging in his bedroom, that I took some pictures of ‘behind the scene’, to capture the purest emotions aroused by memories.
Always supported by his family, Gigio also likes to remember his uncle and mister Ernesto Ferraro among the important figures for his professional growth; he gets excited and a few laughs escapes him.


Right after the interview I had the chance to have a very short shooting in lifestyle clothes. I played a bit with the raw background of the studio and once I had the ‘classic shots’ I tried to contextualized a bit with the ball.


After a short break and a few bites for lunch we resumed the second part of the shooting.
Before the video crew monopolized the athlete for the creation of some social content, I had 20 minutes available for some ‘fitness’ themed shots.
I therefore tried to recreate an environment, as much as possible, similar to a gym and I asked Gigio to perform the exercises that I considered more ‘scenic’ and at the same time simple.
I was as quick as possible and finished a few minutes early as I hoped. I used the little time remaining for some portraits and to capture some exultation.

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