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Athlete: Giulia Ghiretti
Sport: Paralympic Swimming
Client: Parmigiano Reggiano
Location: Parma, Italy


Since she was a child she practiced artistic gymnastics, then rhythmic, and springboard from the age of 8, a discipline that brought her around the national team.
In 2010, at 16, during a trampoline training, the forces of the springs concentrated on a single vertebra relapsing from a jump: the accident caused paralysis of the legs.
Approaching swimming for physiotherapy reasons, she fell soon in love with the pool and decided to start swimming at a competitive level, a sport that allowed her to regain the freedom she had in the air when she jumped.
Swimming she regained her sporting dimension and she conquered 18 international medals, between the Paralympics, World and European Championships!

When someone ask me about Paralympic athletes, I always love to say that the first impression you get when you’re faced with a person with a disability is this feeling of fragility. But it only takes five minutes and an exchange of lines to realize that if there is a fragile person in the room, well that’s you!
These guys are to be admired, they have an incredible fortitude and should be an example for everyone.
Meeting Giulia I was impressed by the mentalities with which she faces life and with with she was able to react to an unexpected so big.
I envy the fact that nothing can ever take away her smile.

With this shooting I tried to convey the naturalness that distinguishes her when she is in the water. And with this last composite shot, the intention was to portray both sides of her personality: gentle and smiling in life; resolute and aggressive in the water.

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