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Athlete: Massimiliano Piffaretti
Sport: Wakeboard
Client: Red Bull
Location: Milano, Italy


A unique format, a fast and exciting sport, a special setting like the Darsena: these are the ingredients for an event simply not to be missed.
Exactly one month is missing from Red Bull Wake the City: not a simple wakeboard event, a discipline that in itself is able to give incredible emotions thanks to tricks and acrobatics carried out on the water, but a real celebration of sport.

On 4 September the Darsena, in the heart of Milan, will in fact be transformed into a real wakeboard arena, where the best riders in the world, led by Massimiliano Piffaretti, will compete in a unique format of its kind: the athletes will compete in couple. They will therefore have to make sure not only to perform the tricks perfectly, but also to move in sync with their teammate, an extra twist that will make the special race even more unique and unmissable.


On the occasion of this exceptional event, a teaser video was shot with the intention of literally interpreting the title of the competition.
In fact, in the teaser the champion Massi Piffaretti is portrayed performing spectacular tricks in front of some of the most emblematic places in the city of Milan, retracing them until reaching the Darsena, where the competition will take place on September 4th.
Most of the tricks were performed without the water, slicing on the grass or on the asphalt, take a look!

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