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Product: Guzzi V7 IV
Client: Piaggio
Production: True Color
Location: Lisbon, Portugal


The best seller gains cubic capacity with the V85TT twin cylinder (the power is now 65 horsepower). An important leap that goes beyond performance and that gives the “small” Guzzi House brand new ambitions. There are two versions: Stone and Special.

In 2007, in the presence of the first remake of the V7 (the so-called V7 I), a large slice of enthusiasts commented: “Beautiful, but the original V7 was a sports bike: this has only 48 horsepower. Will you make it even more powerful?”.
Let’s say that in Mandello (and Pontedera) they took a lot of time to answer, and it is understandable because the V7s of the new course (therefore including the subsequent V7 II and V7 III) met with general approval, also by the young audience, in the context of a motorcycle market that has changed its characteristics and that has rewarded retro models, easy to ride and not too expensive.

However, it had already been clear for a couple of years that the new 850 cc engine – which definitely raises the bar compared to the current 744 cc, by custom called “the small series” – would also have equipped a purely road model.
In the year that is orphaned of Eicma from a motorcycle point of view, Moto Guzzi chooses the web, namely the website, to unveil its new V7.
Given the deep renovation work, the Roman numeral disappears from the name; therefore we will not speak of “V7 IV”, but only of V7.

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Gabriele Seghizzi