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Athlete: Andrea Dovizioso
Sport: Rallycross
Client: Red Bull
Location: Maggiora, Italy


We Love Motorsport was a prize competition organized by Red Bull Italy, which gave all consumers the opportunity to win a “motorsport day” to spend with one of its main protagonists: Andrea Dovizioso.


He shouldn’t need any particular introduction, but for those who don’t know him, Andrea is one of the greatest MotoGp riders of recent years. Very close to last year’s championship victory, he continues to be one of the favorites among the contenders for the title.
He is in his eighth year with Ducati, but this year the renewal has not arrived and there are already rumors of his possible future on four wheels.


Andrea is a great rally enthusiast and tries his hand at the specialty when he can. In fact we remember his participation in the Bettega Memorial, on the occasion of the Bologna Motor Show, as well as at the Monza Rally Show and the Rally Legend of San Marino.

He probably definitely fell in love with rallying the time he got into the cockpit of the Volkswagen Polo driven by Ogier, for a 16 minutes drive, and at the end of the adventure he declared: “It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done! Here the road is narrow, there are stones on all sides and they give themselves crazy blows. I saw a huge stone and thought “he is going to avoid it”, but nothing, he went for it. It’s all done at a speed you can’t even describe. It’s a very intense sensation ”.

On other occasions he has also stated that he does not rule out his future in the world of rallying at the end of his motorcycle career.


In this occasion he proved once again his great skills in this sport, and his undeniable talent in the world of motors in general.
Drifting along the corners of the Maggiora track he offered us a great show and a free shower of dust!

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