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Athlete: Larissa Iapichino
Sport: Long Jump
Client: Red Bull
Location: Arena Civica, Milan, Italy


Incredible shooting day spent once again with the very young Larissa Iapichino, newly graduated Italian Champion at the age of only 18.

To date, unfortunately, athletics is still a sport that does not have great media coverage. With the intention of bringing the public closer to the discipline of long jump, Red Bull has decided to document the complexity of this sport in every step, and with the help of Larissa analyzed the technicalities of a jump in all its facets.


The Arena Civica in Milan was chosen as the location, a historical symbol of sport in the city. Designed in 1805, it saw its complete realization in 1827, and since then it has always hosted the most important national and international events, not only in the sports field.
The magnificence of the empty arena, in all its grandeur and historicity, available to a single athlete, helped to give an epic and mystical mood to the storytelling.


Undoubtedly the most striking content is the one focused on her jump. Larissa performing some of her best jumps gave the filming crew the chance to capture her athletic gesture in super slowmo, with cameras located at every angle. It was on this occasion that I was able to take some of the best action photos of her.

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