Leonardo Fioravanti – WakeParadise, Milan

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Athlete: Leonardo Fioravanti
Sport: Surf
Client: Red Bull
Location: WakeParadise, Milan, Italy

After a long period away from Italy Leo is back for a surfing session at the Wakeparadise of the Idroscalo in Milan. The champion of the Red Bull team tested the artificial static wave of the sports center. With him also the Red Bull wakeboard world champion Massimiliano Piffaretti who, after the static wave, tried his hand at a double in his discipline with Leo. In the pool with them also another big name in surfing: Roberto d’Amico.

Fioravanti’s next competitive events will be the international competitions of the World Surf League circuit, which will start from Hawaii with the Pipe Masters on December 8th. Surfing this year will be an Olympic discipline for the first time and Fioravanti is vying for qualification.

After a quick session in double with Leo, Massi performed some spectacular tricks wrapping up a spectacular day with style! Here is my favorite shot, the last that we took before it got too dark for Massi to perform.

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