Aprilia RS660 – A new era begins

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Product: Aprilia RS660
Client: Piaggio
Production: True Color Films
Location: Genova, Italy


The future respects the tradition of the Noale brand which has always stood out for its character and innovation. Sporty personality and surprising contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings Aprilia’s experience of a leader on the track, to the road. The unique design shapes a light and compact motorcycle, with agile and sleek volumes, stable at high speeds, fun and pleasant to ride. The RS 660 color range features a brand new Acid Gold which enhances the design and the dynamic and youthful character of the bike.


Four days shooting in Genova, on three simultaneous sets: the one with the filming crew, for the spot, that took place mainly during the nights; the one with the digital and social media guys; and the one for the key visual shots.

I was committed for the second set and I was working in a team with a video-maker. We mainly shoot in the city of Genova, scouting for the most modern and scenographic spots. Although it was not an easy task I think the result is not bad at all. For some other action shots we moved on the Monte Fasce, right outside the city, for a more natural and captivating scenario.


Since the slogan for the new bike was “shaped by the light”, I decided to take some more creative and extroverted shots. We had the incredible opportunity to shoot an entire night in the commercial port of Genova, where I gave free rein to my creativity, taking long exposure pictures in order to play with light painting. Here are some results!

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Gabriele Seghizzi