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Athlete: Massimiliano Piffaretti
Sports: Wakeboard – Supercar
Clients: Red Bull – Discovery
Locations: Lugano, Switzerland – Cervesina, Italy


From December motor enthusiasts have a new unmissable event to take into account: Drive Me Crazy 2 will be broadcast on Discovery and Motor Trend, the second season of the Irene Saderini and Red Bull Italy’s program, which sees the sports journalist get on racing cars of all kinds to face first-hand competitions and disciplines out of the ordinary, offering a new, unprecedented point of view, dirty with mud, dust and tears.

A journey in which Irene involved athletes from the most disparate world sports scenes, challenging them in the field of motorsport.
Unlike last year the protagonist will try her hand in the sports disciplines of the various guests and then engage them in breathtaking challenges on two and four wheels.


The host of this episode was Massimiliano Piffaretti, wakeboard world champion in 2015.
In the first days of shooting the two talents challenged each other in a timed course: Massi completed it surfing between tricks and amazing athletic gestures; while Irene darting along the shores of Lugano lake driving a Lamborghini.
The roles have been reversed at the end of the challenge to make it a little more exciting!


The following shooting days took place at the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Cervesina, where Irene challenged Piffa in a discipline that was more in her wheelhouse.

Thanks to the collaboration and support of the Lamborghini Racing Team, the two talents were first able to refine their driving techniques flanked by a real driver, and then demonstrate all their skills in some hot laps!

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