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Athletes: Dorothea Wierer, Sofia Goggia, Domink Paris, Alex Vinatzer, Roland Fishnaller
Sport: Winter Sports
Client: Red Bull
Location: Italy

It’s called “The Night Before” and is the new format by Red Bull in which the winter athletes tell the emotions, sensations and adrenaline before an event that has changed their lives forever.

The protagonists of the various episodes lay bare, telling not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses. Because it is impossible to predict how and when each person’s life will change, especially for an athlete.

A legendary performance, favorable conditions, an opponent who loses concentration a few seconds and leaves you the first place, a goal of those who throw you into the Olympus of sport. It is even more difficult to know that you are living the night before a crucial day.

Two days of shooting were scheduled for each episode. The first in a hut, during which the athletes were interviewed and told about themself. The second was a real training session to collect action images.

During the 5 episodes my goal was to produce useful behind the scene footage and proper action shots, plus some staged portraits that brought me my second Sporteek cover!






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Gabriele Seghizzi