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Athlete: Simone Barlaam
Sport: Paralympic Swimming
Client: Armani
Location: Milano, Italy


Simone was born with a coxa vara and congenital hypoplasia in his right femur which means that his right leg doesn’t develop resulting in his right leg shorter than his left leg. This was caused by doctors who performed a podalic version procedure while he was in utero but his leg broke which doctors knew nothing about. During his childhood, he went through thirteen surgeries to correct his right leg.

He is one of the easiest a genuine guys I have ever known and the greatest examples of how to make your own fragility your strength.
Simone began Paralympic swimming when he was fifteen years old and won his first medals at the 2017 World Para Swimming Championships in Mexico City.
He won 4 medals at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo and established some new paralympic world records! That’s the reason why Armani asked me to take him some pictures with his medals once he was back from Tokyo.

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