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Athlete: Markus Eder
Sport: Freeride Ski
Client: Red Bull
Location: Milano, Italy

Nothing is impossible for Markus Eder when it comes to freeskiing.
The Italian athlete has climbed to the top of the podium at prestigious events such as the Freeride World Tour and the Nine Knights, he won the title of European Skier of the Year, and has taken part in numerous videos, including those of the famous MSP Film. He has shown that he can tackle every discipline at the highest possible level, on every occasion: on the street, in parks, in the mountains.

Now, in his latest video, Markus shows his versatility and skills in what is perhaps one of the most incredible ski runs in the history of the sport.

“I’ve always dreamed of showing my way of skiing in a big project dedicated to the flow,” said Markus. “I usually take part in multiple projects throughout the year. But this time I thought about what I could create by investing all my energy on a single vision, on everything I have lived for so far, but condensed in 10 minutes of video”.

“Thanks to once-in-a-lifetime weather conditions in my region, and a super determined crew who fully believed in the project, the stars were aligned and we were able to make my dream a reality.”

“The Ultimate Run” is an incredible 10-minute descent that starts in Zermatt, Switzerland, to reach the valley below. The South Tyrolean whizzes on snow-covered trails, through ice caves, castles and steep slopes all the way.
The documentary was made, for over 2 years, by “Legs of Steel”, a production company based in Innsbruck, directed by former professional snowboarder Christoph Thorensen.

“The Ultimate Run is the project that Markus has always dreamed of” – says Tobi Reindl, producer of “Legs of Steel” – “and it has also become one of the most challenging and exciting projects we have done to date”. The final editing can make it seem almost a normal descent on the snow, but the Italian freeride scene knows very well the true meaning of this feat.

“I had to push myself far beyond my limits this time” – says Markus Eder – “Every aspect of this adventure thrilled me from the beginning: surely being able to transform my hometown of Klausberg into my personal location for the short film was one extra stimulus”.

The Eder descent is thus preparing to become a milestone and a source of inspiration for all winter sports enthusiasts, especially for ski lovers who want to raise the bar.

Watch Markus Eder’s Ultimate Run in the video below!

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